We work with Ambassadors from all over the world to support the New Earth Grid to spread more quickly and easily. The Ambassadors have been chosen for their exemplary role in supporting the preservation of the Earth in their own country and worldwide. The Ambassadors work with the knowledge and wisdom of their country, their language, their ancestors and their culture. Our ambassadors work on a voluntary basis, offering energetic support that is invaluable for this project.

The Netherlands | Earth Tribe

Joy Moon

Mother at the Earth Tribe, a beautiful Sacred Land in the Breda area of the Netherlands. She travels around the world to learn from various tribes, Grandmothers and Grandfathers. She shares her wisdom in the Netherlands through ceremonies, workshops and retreats.

Colombia | Tierra de Agua

Flee Flow and Jefrey Moncada

They live in the mountains in a developing community with a source full of “golden water”. The mission is to protect the mountains and the waters. They work with Sacred plants and together with the bees to maintain a healthy Earth.

Colombia | Spiral School

Jate Antonio Daza Kulchavita

This grandfather Jate travels around the world to teach the wisdom of the ancient Mushkas tradition from Colombia. He is a antropologist and ancestral wisdomkeeper. 


Tatsuhiko Kimori

A Japanese visionary, and healer of nuclear damage, such as in Fukushima. Tatsuhiko is the director of “Total Human Tuning”. Since 2008, Tatsuhiko has been traveling around the world giving transmutations and healings.

Tonasket, Washington | USA

Grandmother Robin Youngblood

A member of the Seven Generations World Wisdom Council, which organizes multicultural Wisdom Gatherings in several countries. She is also a member of Grandmothers Circle the Earth, and helps establish Grandmother Councils wherever she travels.

Connecticut | USA

Grandfather Bert Gunn

He assisted, traveled with, organized for and interpreted for Tlakaelel, the Tolteka-Mexica Elder from Teotihuacan, Mexico. Bert has been trained and authorized by Tlakaelel and other elders to hold various traditional ceremonies and lessons.

France | Terra Nova

Robert Bridgeman en Monique Bruggeman-van Leeuwen

Together, they manage Terra Nova. Terra Nova is a symbol of the New Earth. It is located in the land of the ancient Celts and Cathars, at the foot of the Pyrenees. It is a powerful place where you can safely awaken and grow.

Robert also wrote several books and made several documentaries. Together with Monique, they developed a powerful training called the Bridgeman method.

France | Centre Lothlorien

Lucas Slager en Fredy Wamelink

Together they manage the Lothlorien spiritual center. They offer an inspiring program throughout the year and have organized several large Peace Gatherings.


Wendy Merril S.J.

Code-Keeper of Galactic Lanuguage. Through its natural and consistent alignment with source, it is her gift and mission to convey symbolism to Mother Earth and her inhabitants through painting. Her art is on this website.

Spain | Terra Sacra

Alice Kromhout and Peter Bakkes

Together they manage the shamanic and spiritual center Terra Sacra. They work closely with various shamans from all over the world.


Laetitia Tilliet

Luz Mawi Danawi Bushanawi. This is the name she received from the Kogi Tribe in La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. It means, “When light will be needed, you will be called”. She lives with her family in Belgium for the benefit of our Mother Earth, the elements of life and for PEACE. Through rituals at the Source, singing circles and ceremonies, she strives in daily life to support the respect and protection of Nature, of Life

Egypt | House of Life Abydos

Yvon Taken

She is the caretaker for the healing center House of Life Abydos. She organizes healing journeys to the center of Egypt, where she gives workshops and lessons.


Ankhana Sofia

Healer, channel, teacher and coach. Gives Transformational Healings and offers 1 to 1 retreats. All of this to help as many people as possible to open up and live life from their hearts, filled with Love, Light & Joy!


Mark Elmy

Mark has studied the Maya spiritual path in Momostenango, and received his initiation as Aj Q’ij (Mayan Spiritual guide). He gives readings, Mayan Astrology and fire ceremonies at his home in San Pablo La Laguna.

The Netherlands

Simone Juliana

In connection with the heart, with Mother Earth and everything that lives on her, in equality and in her soft power she manages SAMA Medicine. With this she brings people back in contact with their creative power, through ceremonies, rituals, music, art and Body Story Therapy ©.


Arktara Rachel

She creates transformation experiences. Working with ceremony & ritual, sound therapy and Sacred sexualtiy. She connects in to the Heart of our mother planet and the wisdom of the stars to guide others more deeply to their hearts.

South Africa

Kelly and Chad

Together they manage Milq + Honey, an oasis of consciousness in Cape Town with ceremonies, films, organic food and drinks, fashion and more. Builded on the principes of Love, Truth + Balance.

The Netherlands

Moon Luna

Creator, connector of Love + Light


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