Chamber of Commerce Nr: 72997087
RSIN: 859314157
People can contact the chairman of the board via:
M. Philippo
Appelstraat 22
7204DT Zutphen
06-363 29 100

Helena Verburg,  secretary
Micha Wiertz,  treasurer
Monique Philippo, chairman
Guido Ennen,  social media administration
Ger Post, administration education / ceremonies
one of the board members receive any kind of compensation for the work or
meetings they organize.

To be a global platform for people who want to work together to keep our Earth livable;
Financing projects for the preservation of our earth and raising collective consciousness;
Establish Light on Earth centers worldwide as knowledge centers in the future.

Board members are not paid.

The projects that are funded can be found on the website.

We started this foundation because we feel it is time to move. To take effective action to make our Earth healthier TOGETHER, for ourselves, our children, for all future generations and all that lives. The plastic waste problem is big and getting worse, deforestation worldwide is going at a rapid pace and the ice caps are melting, if we do nothing now, the end of a livable, green earth is coming very fast. Our mission is to bring as many registered as possible together in the coming years, to support as many projects as possible that do well for the preservation of our planet. Many people want that too, but don’t move. For example, they have no time, no money or are not physically fit.
With Light on Earth that is no problem. With Light on Earth, the registered people themselves do not have to do anything, only pay a one-off amount of 11.11 euros, which most people can certainly miss, even those on benefits or if they are in debt restructuring. They can just go to work or on the weekend with their families, do not have to give up free time and do not have to be physically present to support great projects.

– Supporting many projects worldwide for a livable, green earth, so that there will be forestation again, clean water, more flora and fauna will be strangled. In short, a healthier living environment for all that lives.
– Raise awareness by giving education and ceremonies to young people during meetings in our yurt on the land in Laag Soeren about our earth. These meetings are accessible free of charge or on a donation basis, which goes into the “money box” (our bank account) of Light on Earth for the support of projects.
– Connect and inspire people through the website by getting them to vote on the projects. When people see beautiful, green projects, they also become more aware of their own behavior in terms of plastic consumption, purchase of greener products etc.
-Bringing people together physically at a Gathering in the summer of 2020, where shamans, visionaries and young people come together to talk about our earth, what is needed. Everyone can contribute, join in the conversation, share and so return home inspired and apply all the learned in practice.


As described above, we will gather money through the registrations. The more people who register or donate to Light on Earth, the more projects we can support. A project is selected for every 1000 euros, this amount is already collected for 100 registrations.
We will also approach companies whether they want to donate to Light on Earth. We do this from home by meeting once a week, meeting what it takes to expand the field.