Light on Earth

A worldwide call to connect


Light on Earth is a call to humanity

Light on Earth is an invitation to let your unique Light shine and to become visible as an Earthkeeper. This is a worldwide call to connect, to come together, to create a healthy Earth and to raise the collective consciousness. We come together for the benefit of All, for ourselves, for our children and all next generations. It’s time to connect and manifest the New Earth together. The New Earth is where Consciousness, Light, Love, Unity, Compassion & Sustainability are the foundation.

Let’s take the next step to this New Earth Frequency by making ourselves visible on the New Earth Grid. On this website, people can register their place of residence as a Light Point on Earth. We place this Light Point on the Light on Earth globe in order to visualize the New Earth Grid. Each Light Point represents a person on Earth that is raising the collective consciousness. The map of the New Earth Grid takes what we already feel, and makes the pattern that we weave together visible on a global scale.





Register Light Points

Slowly but surely, there are more and more people awakening, and coming together to preserve our Earth. All of these people are a part of creating the New Earth. We want to clearly show how large the New Earth Grid is worldwide. In order to do this, we invite everyone with a longing to create this New Earth to register their place of residence as a Light Point on the Light on Earth globe. All of the Light Points on the globe portray the New Earth Grid. This New Earth Grid makes it possible to see that there many of us Earthkeepers and that we have the potential to have a really big impact on the world.

Financing projects

The income from the Light Point registrations are used to financially support projects around the world which have the intention to preserve our Earth or raise the collective consciousness. Every person that has registered a Light Point is eligible to submit a proposal to support a project. The types of projects we may choose to support can be: a water purifier, the construction of a food forest, solutions to the waste problem, an important book, artwork, or a piece of music.

We are an ANBI non-profit foundation.

Light on Earth centers

Our desire is to set up at least one Light on Earth center per continent with co-creators. Each Light on Earth center will be a place in nature, where many can stay during a gathering. That beautiful place in nature can grow into a knowledge center where we can come together with youngsters, Elders, visionaries, shamans and the local population to talk about what is needed there for the Earth. The intention is to apply the wisdom and knowledge of what can help the Earth in that location, and then to share this wisdom globally.

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