Together with you, Light on Earth wants to support as many projects as possible. The more people who register for Light Points and give donations, the more projects we can support. If 100 people register for Light Points, the project with the most votes will receive a financial donation of € 1000 from Light on Earth.
Anyone who has registered for a Light Point can submit a project for us to potentially financially support. This project must contribute to the greater whole, be in the interest of a healthy livable Earth, and/or it must raise the collective consciousness.
For example, this project can be: a plastic cleaning action, a water purifier, the creation of a public food- forest, an important play, a piece of music, a dance, or an exhibition that aims to bring awareness of the above-stated goals to a wider audience.

There are a few conditions that applications must abide by in order to be considered for financial support:

  1.  You have registered for a Light Point through our website and paid the 11.11 euros.
  2.  You give a clear description of your project, specify where and when the project will be implemented, and specify who will carry this out.
  3.  You provide a clear budget for your project, and specify which part of your project you want financed. We contribute a maximum of 1000 euros per project. Where possible, you provide us with invoices and VAT receipts for the purchases you make using the money we have funded your project. This is because we would like to keep this information in our administration, for our foundation in connection with tax audit.
  4.  You agree to notify the board of the Light on Earth foundation once the project has been completed.
  5.  You agree to provide photos of the completed project that we can share on our website.
  6.  You agree that  the Light on Earth foundation is visibly mentioned within your project and/or on your website as a sponsor by placing our logo.
  7.  A legally valid agreement is signed before we transfer the funds to support your project. If the agreements are not complied with, then the amount funded by us must be fully refunded to the Light on Earth foundation.


If you would like your project to be financially supported by the Light on Earth foundation, please click on the button below to send your application to us via email.

We select projects in our weekly meeting that fit with our vision as a ANBI foundation. Only applications that fully meet the above-stated conditions will be selected. Once a project has been selected, we will share the project on our website. Everyone who has registered for a Light Point has one vote towards which project will receive financial support. The project with the most votes will receive the funds.



These projects where chosen by the Light Point owners:


Mayan Grandmother Tomasa Suy Tomin from Guatamala has a very large amount of age-old knowledge of traditional Mayan medicine. Her dream is to be able to pass this knowledge on to the next generations through building the healing center “Ixpiyakok Ixmukane”.

From Center Lothlorien in France, we supervised the start of this project last year. A foundation has already been established in Guatemala, a contractor has been appointed, building plans have been made and permission has been granted to be allowed to build. On February 24, 2019, the ceremony took place asking for the blessing of the project, gratitude for the gifts already received and construction has now actually begun.

We would like to ask you to make this special project a success by voting for this project to help build the Healing Center and to make grandmother Tomasa’s dream come true.

Loving regards, Fredy Wamelink & Lucas Slager

Fredy project guatemala

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